Ask a grown-up: Why are charity bosses so racist?

I read this piece in the Guardian and was horrified. Lets look at a translation of what is being said:

Paragraph 1
People in Africa are poor because white people haven’t helped them out as much as is our duty (and burden). This is changing but remember that without us they are nothing; black people can’t do anything of worth for themselves.

Paragraph 2
White people went over and while we picked some good black people to help sort things out the bad back people ruined it all. Also the black people we though were goodies were really badies that tricked us, but that’s not our fault and all to do with them being black.

Paragraph 3
Some governments in Africa are goodies again and it is only through supporting these governments things will improve – I know we just said that even by our own racist logic this doesn’t work, but we are so trusting and fair don’t you know. Such a noble flaw. Most importantly we need to be trusting the UK government as it knows what is best for Africa (and wasn’t to blame for any problems past or present, not in the slightest, except when it was, but that won’t happen again, promise). After all, we are white and they are black.

Of course what they should have said is that our great-grandparents generation stole all their stuff and that our current government would do it all again if they could get away with it (and they are trying). So, in conclusion, it looks like the “White Man’s (sic) Burden” is unfortunately alive an well – just another reason why charity is shite.

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2 Responses to Ask a grown-up: Why are charity bosses so racist?

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  2. mhairi says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you wrote this.

    That Guardian article was horrific, exposes Oxfam and by implication other NGOs for the neo-colonialists they are – the lies we tell our children huh?

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