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Unspoken Arguments

There are some positions on issues that are implicitly against the dominant views in society that when mentioned automatically begin an unspoken argument with those aren’t on board already: Veganism: The rejection of the comodification of all animals. Atheism: The … Continue reading

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Push the Button?

Twitter are taking the reactionary step of introducing a ‘report abuse’ button and I don’t think this is a good thing. The reason for putting the button in place is clear. People do use twitter to harass and threaten others … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Requirement for Organised Safer Space

This article will be a very basic introduction to the foundations of safer spaces, community accountability and transformational justice that arise from elements present from the very inception of anarchism as a political philosophy. These concepts are responses to verbal, … Continue reading

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To all the socialists…

Hugo Chavez was responsible for¬†assassinating socialist activists, instigating enforced factory work programmes and “workfare” schemes, the indefinite imprisonment of union leaders, environmental catastrophe, widespread displacement of indigenous people for mining operations,¬†the murder rate jumping to 20,000/year, mass strike-breaking, pushing through … Continue reading

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Morals, Ethics & State

I had some interesting chat over tea and a snack of baba ganoush with a good friend this week. I always enjoy our thorough yet friendly back-and-forth discussions as we both have very strong political views that compliment one another … Continue reading

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