Online Reading

  • – The single best website for libertarian communist news, views, history and theory.  If you want to get a basic handle on my politics then check out their introductory guides and anarchism reading list.
  • Introduction to Anarchist Communism – Produced by the Anarchist Federation of Britain, this pamphlet is the perfect primer on anarchist communism.
  • The Anarchist FAQ – A large and encyclopaedic overview of anarchist thought. Especially useful when Marxists and “libertarian” capitalists come a calling.
  • For Lovers and Fighters – Dean Spade *swoon* has the best piece of writing to reflect my views on polyamory I’ve seen to date. I didn’t choose the background colour on that site.
  • Taking Risks: Implimenting Grassroots Community Accountability Strategies – Seminal CARA document on how to turn wishy-washy “safer spaces” declarations into a way to organise radical spaces and tackle unacceptable behaviours.

Offline Reading

Online Viewing

  • QualiaSoup – By far and away THE best YouTube channel dealing with critical thought, atheism, philosophy and religion.
  • Zinnia Jones – ZJ is the self-styles “Queen of Atheism”, but also looks into intersects her output in that field with critical thinking, gender issues, and transhumanism.
  • LordStrange – John Wick is a games designer who has been directly responsible for guiding how I run games and think about story structure. Check out his “Play Dirty” series and the “Game Design Seminars”.