Is this blog dead or what?

Or what.

I know I’ve not posted in over a month, but a big chunk of that time was spent in Barcelona with very limited internet access. Before going I was chock-a-block with all my usual life concerns and when I got back the lack of net while away meant it has taken me until now to catch up with most of the work I was needing to get done. Add to that my job being transferred to an outsourcer and the fact I’m off to work Glastonbury and Latitude festivals as well as heading to the Anarchist Federation Summer Camp all in the next month and things will be quiet here until the end of July.

That said, I do have a bunch of half-written pieces so as soon as I get a chance I’ll finish them and pop them up. I’ve also got a backlog of books to give a short review to (I highly recommend the Friends of AK Press subscription to anyone, especially if you have an ebook reader).

Anyhows, I’ll post something new ASAP šŸ™‚

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