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Short points, follow-up on articles, and general observance of life through my politics.

Looks like we’ve got ourselves a live one!

In my recent article about Anarchist Communism I touched very briefly upon some political philosophies that claim themselves as anarchist but can be easily demonstrated to be anything but. One of these miscategorised viewpoints is that of “anarcho” capitalism. It has made … Continue reading


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To all the socialists…

Hugo Chavez was responsible for assassinating socialist activists, instigating enforced factory work programmes and “workfare” schemes, the indefinite imprisonment of union leaders, environmental catastrophe, widespread displacement of indigenous people for mining operations, the murder rate jumping to 20,000/year, mass strike-breaking, pushing through … Continue reading

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Lepht Anonym – Cybernetics for the Masses

<Trigger Warning for graphic verbal description of self-administered surgery> I’d never come across Lepht before a friend passed me these vids. Their Twitter feed (@lepht_anonymare) describes them as a “genderless, self-modifying H+, biohacker, humanist. servant of Morpheus. knowledge-chaser. sape.”. Given that … Continue reading

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Morals, Ethics & State

I had some interesting chat over tea and a snack of baba ganoush with a good friend this week. I always enjoy our thorough yet friendly back-and-forth discussions as we both have very strong political views that compliment one another … Continue reading

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A Reply to Joe Rahi

One of the first people to follow me here was Joe Rahi. Go check out their blog. It’s cool, I’ll wait here until you’re done. Right, so you will have noticed that Joe describes themselves as a Christian anarchist, a … Continue reading

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A Heap of Horseshit

A whole bunch of friends, some of whom are self-described anarchists, have been posting a vile article from The Making Progress Blues along with comments blaming individuals as consumers for the horse-meat scandal here in the UK. For those of … Continue reading

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The Three C’s of Prefigurative Action

This is a short explanation of an idea I’m sure to refer back to in later articles. It was first presented to me in this format by my close comrade fleabite and it has since used as a practical and flexible … Continue reading

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