Lepht Anonym – Cybernetics for the Masses

<Trigger Warning for graphic verbal description of self-administered surgery>

I’d never come across Lepht before a friend passed me these vids. Their Twitter feed (@lepht_anonymare) describes them as a “genderless, self-modifying H+, biohacker, humanist. servant of Morpheus. knowledge-chaser. sape.”. Given that they are based up in Aberdeen I can see why this kind of thirst for knowledge would put all other concerns into a far second place.

I will get around to posting up my own views on the the intersections between anarchism and transhumanism in the not to far far future.

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6 Responses to Lepht Anonym – Cybernetics for the Masses

    • floaker says:

      Cheers BtS – Much appreciated. I also noted that they are a fan of the Club-Mate much like yrself. I think they should rename it hacker-juice =D

  1. DIY self hacking is exciting – though one wonders about the physiological origins of the transhumanist impulse. The thing is ‘cybernetics for the masses’ in practice won’t mean self hacking but rather becoming a node in a corporate network.

    • floaker says:

      I don’t see the “transhumanist psychology” as any different from the psychology of applied tool use that we have been developing as a species as long as it has been on the go. We have a natural aptitude for language and communication and we carry knowledge over generation to generation at an ever-increasing rate.

      As for being a “node in the network”, well, I assume we both fit that bill right now by using an ISP to access the internet and having mobile phones. Beyond that tracking software is becoming so advanced we don’t need to have tech in/on us to be tracked.

      • That we have a new word and a movement at all implies that something is qualitatively different from tool use or medicine.

      • floaker says:

        Not necessarily. Language gives us new phrases and words for existing concepts all the time. I agree that the scope of what we are able to effect with technology has changed, but the general process of tool use is far less radical than, say, the implementation of plumbing or electricity.

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