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Unspoken Arguments

There are some positions on issues that are implicitly against the dominant views in society that when mentioned automatically begin an unspoken argument with those aren’t on board already: Veganism: The rejection of the comodification of all animals. Atheism: The … Continue reading


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Cordial reminder: the state is not our friend

Originally posted on Another angry woman:
Content note: this post discusses rape and victim blaming Look, I respect your decision to call the cops if you’re feeling threatened–it’s not a choice I’d ever make, but do what works for you.…

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Antifascism for Beginners

I was recently asked why anarchists that take physical action against fascists were not just as bad as those they targeted. To illustrate my answer I’m going to I’m going to “scrub off the serial numbers” and describe three groups … Continue reading

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A Look at Militant Political Action

Political action is where those with an issue and their allies attempt a remedy to the situation that relies on an outside group (usually those causing the problem) undertaking some further change on their behalf. This can be anything from … Continue reading

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